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Unlimited Workshops

On these fun and informative half-day workshops you will learn how: 

  • Changing your thinking can change your life.

  • To overcome limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from going for what you truly want.

  • To discover your true life purpose and let it ignite your passion for life.

  • To gain clarity on what you want in life and how to create your personal action plan to get it.

  • To include a short daily ritual that can bring magic into your life.

  • To understand and use the 7 essential habits that successful people use to help them achieve their goals and live a happy life.

  • To utilize the power of your mind to power you forward- rather than hold you back.

  • To design your life so that it’s balanced and includes your perfect mix of work and play.

  • Using the power of belief and focus can propel you towards your dreams.

  • To do what you love and love what you do!

What is included:


  • 4-5 hours of practical exercises, insight and guidance in order to help each participant understand and experience the course material.

  • A copy of paperback version of Unlimited: 7 Habits to Unleash Your Full Potential & Get the Life You Want, and all book bonuses for each person.

  • A workbook for each participant to use during and following the course.

  • Number of Participants- up to 12 people. 

Cost- £1500*

*Discounts available for charities, schools, social enterprises, and small businesses- Please ask!


To book your Unlimited Workshop, call us on 07967531931 or e-mail today. 

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