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Use the Power of Focus

“ Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

We get what we focus our attention on

Successful people focus on the positive. The universal law of attraction means that like attracts like. Everything in this world is energy vibrating at different levels. By thinking about what you want, you are creating a mental and emotional state that vibrates at the same level as your goal. This will accelerate the attraction of your goal to you as it is vibrating at the same level as your thoughts. This means that whatever you focus your attention on, what you think about tends to show up in your life.

If you are getting negative results in your life or are experiencing a similar limiting situation or relationship over and over again, you need to ask yourself whether you are focusing on or worrying about this particular situation. If so, you may be unknowingly attracting it to you again and again! You need to break the cycle. When you start to change your thoughts and focus on the positive—the way you want your life to be and not your present situation—you will be amazed and thrilled at how opportunities, situations, and people in your life begin to alter and transform to match your new thoughts.

Everything starts in the mind!

Your inner reality actually creates your outer reality, and you can start to change both by changing your thoughts and what you focus on. This takes a bit of training and lots of repetition when you first begin, but it is easier than most people think and eventually, it will become an automatic habit if you practise enough. You may not achieve all of your goals overnight but changes will begin to happen as soon as you start thinking thoughts that align with your goals, desires, and dreams.

How does the mind help us?

By focusing on your goals (as if they are already a reality) and with as much detail and associated emotion as possible, which make the images seem much more real, the inner reticular system in your mind starts to change. The inner reticular system is like your mind’s filter. When you focus on the negative or unwanted problem or situation, the reticular system is ‘set’ to open and notice situations, events, and attract people to you who will help create and reinforce your negative reality. When you focus more on positive aspects, it will open up to the same and attract positive things to you instead.

When you start to change your focus and retrain your brain towards the positive, your subconscious will reset the reticular system to start to open and notice situations and opportunities that match your new positive focus. You will start to notice things that you were previously closed off to. New opportunities and people will show up naturally in your life (they were always there, you just weren’t aware of them before).

This will help you in both big and small ways to move towards what you want in life and away from your old programmed situations. The previous negative situations will simply fall away from your experience, i.e. you won’t attract or notice them so they will no longer happen.

It can seem like magic, but once you understand how the mind and the universal law of attraction works, this whole process makes perfect and logical sense.

In the book Unlimited; 7 Habits to Unleash Your Full Potential & Get the Life You Want, Habit 4- Use the Power of Focus, you will learn the immense and transformative power of daily focus on your goals. You will learn techniques to create your very own daily ritual—a practise that will inspire, motivate, and let you focus on what you truly want. It will take a little discipline at first to make this daily ritual a habit, but as you begin to experience your life change, you won’t want to be without your new habit!

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